Dillon & Associates, Inc.

Investment Counsel

We believe in the principle of asset diversification among a select and supervised group of high quality assets.  We do not speculate with the financial resources of our clientele.

Our Services:

Investment Counsel

As investment counsel, our responsibilities include the following:

•  To understand the financial needs and goals of each client
•  To select the most suitable investments to achieve the client's needs and objectives
•  To monitor each portfolio and to recommend appropriate action when advisable
•  To be informed of the evolving economic, political and social factors that impact investment values
•  To report regularly on the progress of client portfolios

Compensation for our service is obtained solely from the fee income paid by clients and is based on the market value of the assets under management.  Our financial incentive, therefore, is to provide sound, objective advice in accordance with the client's genuine interest.

We are not brokers or insurance agents.  We do not hold or have possession of client assets, nor do we ever receive a commission on the purchase or sale of any security.  We have fiduciary relationship with our clients and our independence ensures that no conflict of interest will exist that interferes with rendering unbiased advice.

We respect the confidential nature or our relationships, and client information is never disclosed without explicit instructions.